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Lan Translation, Traducciones e interpretación

Translation & Interpretation Services

Lan Translation is made up of over 40 highly trained administrative and operational staff that together makes up our ambitious and dynamic team. Thanks to our management and linguistic background, Lan has earned a leading position in the Mexican market, as well as establishing a name for itself on an international level providing translation, interpretation and business services to over 150 companies for more than a decade. Our commercial commitment is to provide an extraordinary service which goes beyond the translation needs of our clients. We are one of the few agencies in our industry that guarantees the quality of our process, which includes translations by a professional linguist, editing by a second linguist and a final quality assurance step. All without incurring in extra charges or urgency fees to the client.

Our mission: We breakthrough cultural boundaries, assisting our clients to communicate to the world who they are and why they exist.

We translate meaning, not words

Traducciones e interpretación con Lan-Translation